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New collection

New collection

Spring / Summer 21

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Our new Spring / Summer collection is here! We are looking at the new reality that is around us for more than one year and it keeps inspiring us. We wanted to create a small collection that would be a capsule for your today's closet. Clothes that are well thought about, that match together. Having each of them makes a full look for all the season, but it can be easily created with smaller amount, minimum 7 pieces. Don't be surprised about our MADE TO ORDER pieces, we are on the way to fashion that minds our environment. Not having a stock and making all collection to order is our dream, it benefits us all.

  • Spring / Summer 21
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  • Spring / Summer 21
    New arrivals
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New Arrivals
  • model is wearing white t-shirt

    LIMITED EDTION men’s white T-shirt

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  • model is wearing black shirt type dress

    Women’s black shirt dress

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  • model is wearing rubber vest

    Women’s grey rubber vest MADE TO ORDER

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  • Model is wearing white linen os dress

    Women’s white linen dress

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  • model is wearing black cropped sweatshirt

    Women’s black cropped sweatshirt

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  • model is wearing black jersey shorts

    Women’s black jersey shorts

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