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New collection

New collection

Spring / Summer 22

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New collection "Golden years" made for every woman, inspired by the ones over 60 years or those who are living their best years. Collection was made to talk about society stigma of beauty and young age in fashion industry. We want to normalize age and different sizes, for everyone to feel beautiful in their bodies. Small collection was made after questioning people over 55 years of age until 90. The results showed that older people don't like to see only young models in advertising, it makes them feel left out and not part of the fashion industry. Also they noted that they miss quality and age appropriate, interesting designs. We putted all this knowledge into making this collection. Lets share the idea of all ages are beautiful and worth being in all window displays. Collection was financed by Lithuanian culture council.

  • Spring / Summer 22
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  • Spring / Summer 22
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  • Ilga laisva gėlėta suknelė

    Long loose floral dress

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  • Balta džemperio tipo suknelė su tiuliu

    White sweatshirt type dress

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  • Mėlynas moteriškas švarkas

    Navy women classical jacket

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  • Mėlynos klasikinės moteriškos kelnės

    Navy classical women trousers

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  • Laisva minimalistinė chaki suknelė

    Loose minimal khaki dress

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  • Vieno dydžio ilga marškinių tipo suknelė

    One size loose minimal dress

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