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“OHMY” is ready to wear clothing brand created by designer Ugnė Martinaitytė, located in Vilnius, Lithuania. “OHMY” is for people with personality, the ones that are not afraid to be different, to show their point of view. We think clothing is a form of non-verbal communication. It is often the first impression of a person that someone gets. Individuality is the most important statement for us so we keep our collections limited and timeless.

“OHMY” is for people with personality, the ones that are not afraid to be different and defend their point of view.

We care about the environment and design clothes with strong responsibility about waste. Most of our design patterns are created to save as much fabric as possible while showing unconventional designs. We aim towards a sustainable fashion.

We don´t let any leftover fabric go to waste, instead, we turn it into reusable bags for our packaging ...

We create pieces that are made by hand and produced locally. Besides natural materials we use sport fabrics to give you the feeling of freedom.

We design for people with active lifestyle, who look for multifunctional casual wear,appreciate comfort and elegance.

Interested to collaborate?

Over the years we´ve worked on some very interesting and fulfilling projects, from costume creation for a theatre performance to collection design with an editor of one of the most known magazines or partnering with fashion brand Savitas.

Would you like to collaborate? Discuss partnership opportunities on all kinds of projects? If yes, don’t hesitate and write us all about it.

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