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Pedestal for the 90’s

Dovilė Utaraitė • 2019, December 9

The nineties, the nineties… A vivid time not only for the global but also for the fashion world. Great attention is paid to individuality. The gaze is directed towards the person’s inner world and reflection of his or her own style. During this period, the stylist profession emerged and glossy...

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Fabric shops in Vilnius, what has to change?

Dovilė Utaraitė • 2019, November 20

By Dovilė Utaraitė If you were asked how many fabric stores you know in Vilnius, you would probably list one or two, or maybe none. Even fashion design students would mention „Danesa“, „Aviko Tekstilė ir Ko“,  and maybe some of them would say fabric hangar in Gariūnai. However, as soon...

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How to stay fashionable and in the same time responsible?

Ugne Martinaityte • 2019, November 4

As Henry Davidas Thoreau once said: “Every generation laughs at old fashion trends, but scrupuloisly follows new ones”. Every time we realize that maybe we no need to buy so many new things every seazon, but as soon as a new collection is available in stores, we want to buy...

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