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How to stay fashionable and in the same time responsible?

Ugne Martinaityte • 2019, November 4

As Henry Davidas Thoreau once said: “Every generation laughs at old fashion trends, but scrupuloisly follows new ones”. Every time we realize that maybe we no need to buy so many new things every seazon, but as soon as a new collection is available in stores, we want to buy at least one piece of clothes or accessories. After all, each of us wants to stay fashionable and follow the newest trends.

You don’t even have to say what happens when we see colorful advertisements announcing about sales. Then clothes are just swept off from the stores racks, because it’s a sale, so you have to buy and buy again! We take and don’t even think if we really need the item, how many times and when we will wear it.

Because of the consumer culture, that surrounds us, excessive consumption begins to look natural and normal. In general, consumption is needed, but excessive consumption – no. After all, there are more and more talk about the demage of surplus consumerism, more and more excessive consumption become unpopular.

Therefore, there is a dilemma: how to stay fashionable and in the same time responsible? This is a question, that is increasingly becoming more relevant in a consumerist and overcrowded society. Sustainability and responsibility trend is growing very rapidly. Consumerism shopping is no longer fashionable. It’s a time for responsible use.

It is important to recognize, that there is increasing tendency not only of consumers, who prefer to invest more in one high quality and long lasting item rather than buy ten fast fashion garments, but also of designer, who are trying to contribute to responsible fashion in one way or another. They create limited edition  collections, versatile silhouette, use tissue residues and choose recycled or natural fabric and etc.

Responsible fashion there is no longer a novelty. There is growing trend towards conscious consumption.

People are slowly becoming aware that less is more. Garments which are made from quality fabrics can last for several years. Versatile silhouette garment can be used for different occasions. So, if you buy a classical dress, you will be able to enjoy it for a long time. It will serve you for both: formal evening and looser event. Enjoy playing with accessories and vuole, you will have different outfits every time!

When choosing versatile silhouettes, quiet colors fabrics you will never ask by wayside and everytime look fashionabe and charming. Responsible wardrobe selection will not only save your income, but also help to create unique style.

Autorė: Dovilė Utaraitė

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