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Pedestal for the 90’s

Dovilė Utaraitė • 2019, December 9

The nineties, the nineties… A vivid time not only for the global but also for the fashion world. Great attention is paid to individuality. The gaze is directed towards the person’s inner world and reflection of his or her own style. During this period, the stylist profession emerged and glossy magazines advised how to emphasize your individuality in your own style.

In the 1980s, the shoulder line is highlighted by puffiness and wrinkles and the waist is accentuated further by the waist cut. Unisex style clothing is also gaining popularity for the first time. Large, unrestrained silhouettes give freedom for a movement. In female fashion, male silhouettes appear as a sign of strength and equality. Women chose larger men’s jackets, which extend the line of women’s shoulders and tie them with a strap to highlight the waist. Not unreasonably comes the trend of large and unisex clothing. Women seek complete equality with men and this is what they want to express in their image. They want to be free fighters and have absolute equality in all areas.

Another significant event in the fashion world is the fact that the major fast fashion brands are gaining momentum during this period.

1990 The first ZARA store opens in New York, giving a strong start to the rapid development of fast fashion.

The unfavorable conditions for young designers. After all, people have the opportunity to buy fashionable clothing at a low price here and now and no one even talked about the harms and negative effects of fast fashion.

Fashion has a tendency to come back. Thus, today we feel a pleasant nostalgia for the crazy 90’s. As soon as we open the door of a clothing store, our gazes are met by puffed sleeves, ribbons, ruffles and etc. Silhouettes are highlighted by a cut through the waist and short crop top blouse, which combine with a jacket or straight-cut trousers. And what about men’s oversized jackets that extend shoulders line. These jackets found a place in almost every woman closet and are wearable with different outfits in daily life and events.

Why is it that the nineties trend is felt so strong right now? After all, it has been clearly seen recently that the trend of Scandinavian minimalism has reigned on store shelves. The simple silhouettes and cuts, with some minimal detail, dominated for a long time. The simpler the better. But now things have turned around and minimalist fashion designers try to adapt their creativity to the customers needs. Maybe we are tired of Scandinavian minimalism and want to prank again? Again, we splendor and extravagance. This is how the fashion wheel spins and spins, bringing back a decade with new spices.      This time the pedestal is ready for 90’s!

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